Championship Fours 2022

14th – 15th February, 2022

Proudly sponsored and hosted by

Nominations close Monday 4th February, 2022

Cost: Nomination fees $5.00 per player ($20.00 per team) to be paid to SCDLBA (see information below) and Green Fees are: $16.00 per person for Sectional play and $8.00 per person for Post Sectional Knockout Play
Lunch: Chinese lunch may be ordered prior to 1st game. BYO allowed but must be eaten outside on the front deck.
Team: 4 Ladies from Declared Club. Club Uniform to be worn by all players.
Game Times: MORNING TEA 8:15am
Game 1: 9am to 11.15 am
LUNCH: 11.15 am to 12.00 noon
Game 2: 12.00 noon to 2:15 pm
Game 3: 2.35 pm to 4.50 pm
Game times may be adjusted if required.

Conditions of Play:

  1. All games will be conducted under the Crystal Mark 3rd edition Laws of the Sport of Bowls, including Domestic Regulation of Australia & BA Policies.
  2. In the event of inclement weather, or any other reason the Controlling Body has the discretion to alter the game times.
  3. 10 ends will constitute a game due to inclement weather. Please refer to Conditions of Play 2022.
  4. Dead ends to be replayed.
  5. Prize Money based on number of entries.
  6. The Controlling Body has the final decisions in all matters pertaining to this event.

    Members Club Name
    Contact Details
    If not entering online, please complete the entry above and submit with your payment
    Entries to be forwarded via emails to: Match Chair:
    Secretary: and Treasurer:
    Nomination Fees by direct credit or online for entries.
    Direct Deposits can be made to Suncorp;
    Account Name: Sunshine Coast District Ladies Bowling Association Inc.
    BSB: 484 799
    Account Number: 027074379
    Event Reference: D4’S
    Once paid, please enter the receipt number FROM the bank payment into this field below
    Click the link to preview and download the pdf file.

    SCDLBA Nomination Championship Fours 2022 & Codes